Friday, July 14, 2017

Still Moving Forward & Rock Climbing

I think he face shows how excited that he was able to go climbing.  

This week has been great. I feel like the work here is really progressing. I feel like my studies have been moving along pretty well. I was recently reading not too long ago about how the Lord has given us power. We must do what we can do and then wait quietly for the Lord. I really like that principle in the gospel.

Our current investigators are doing well. Rosteek is moving forward. We now have him on date and he is following all the commandants. I think that moving his date sooner was not a bad idea. We have a family now, which is very exciting! 

This week we did a lot of fun little things, but mainly we were out of town for a lot of meetings. We got approval to rock climb for finding, it's been epic! We've made tons of new friends and contacts there. The idea turned out well and we got some great contacts. A couple want us to meet with them at a cafe and talk more. I think that this will lead to the good ole "why are you here?" question and we'll be able to get into a gospel discussion. 

I'm sorry this letter is a bit shorter we have a lot going on this week and not as much time. I wish you all well. Have a good one! 


-Elder Cody Johnson

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