Monday, June 5, 2017

Zone Conference

Hey Everyone!
This week we had zone conference. The main points that we went over were perspective, being bold (but not stupid), and Building Zion. It was a super cool meeting. It was fun and we learned a lot. 

Now that we are approaching the end of the transfer so I've been looking at some of the goals I had made for this transfer. I've been really happy to have a little better understanding of Ukrainian culture and her people. I've also loved studying more about self-improvement through the Atonement.

I had an interesting experience this week. I woke up at 4 a couple nights ago, and I sat there and thought, "Well this is what we talked a little about at zone conference, maybe I’ll get some revelation." So I grabbed a pen and notebook, and sat there for a few minutes. I felt prompted to write a few random thoughts, and I also write down whatever the heck came to my mind. That next morning I opened up my little book that I had written in and though there were some random thoughts that were definitely from a half-asleep Johnson, and not inspired ideas. I don’t think that when I wrote down "African Circus Trade School?" I was too inspired. However, there were some pieces of information that I found really helpful and even something I'd like to share with an investigator. So that was a cool little experience. 

Train ride to or back from Zone Conference

The companionship is good. We get along great. I really enjoy working with Elder Houghton. I know usually companions get tired of each other by the end of their third transfer together, but I honestly feel like our friendship is just as fresh. It's a good time working with him.  We will be giving Vasya the calling of the branch mission leader, since Igor will now be moving to Katar really soon. In regards to our district, they are doing great. We talked about zone conference and our take away. The two take aways our district got was to be more bold, and sanctify ourselves to create a Zion district. We are very excited to continue on the process to "building Zion" In the East..

 Karina decided to be baptized this week! We had finished the lessons with her and we had said to here that we have finished all our lessons, and again invited her to be baptized. She smiled, and without hesitation said yes. It was an awesome experience. I'm really happy for her. She will make a great addition to the branch. 
I think that's all for this week, I love you guys. Keep living life!

-Elder Johnson

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