Monday, April 10, 2017

Missing Being A Slack Line Hippy.

This week has been an epic one lots of adventures.

We have still been working with a lot of universities. Although, training faculty and presenting lectures is fun, I was missing some of the outdoorsy hippy stuff I liked doing before I moved here. Elder Houghton also seems to miss the outdoors, but he has refused to be called a hippy. With that said, this week we wanted to do some outdoorsy things while also doing the work. We went out contacting in some of our cities more pretty parks and woods. We made some good friends and got a lot of people to come to our practice and actually take lessons with us as well. We still wanted to get some more adventures in.  

Well one day, I got a call from Elder McCleary. 
"Johnson! There’s slack lining in the park! You gotta come over here!" 
I just hung up the phone Elder Houghton and I ran to the park, wanting to get some adventure in. We found the slack liners and made friends with them really quick, slack lined, and got their numbers for some meetings. Goes to show we can always have fun and get good work done at the same time. 

Along with that we were able to watch General Conference this week. Conference was super, super cool! I had a lot of favorite talks, but my favorite was probably about fear, love, and the influence both can play in our lives by President Utchdorf. I would try to explain it but I could not give it justice. Here's a link to it though. I'd highly recommend everybody watch or read it, even if you are not of our faith.

Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear - click on the title to go to the talk. 
Ya'll have a happy week.
I love you all. 

-Elder Cody Johnson

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