Monday, April 24, 2017

"Don't be afraid to try new things....".

Hey Everybody, I hope all is going well for ya’ll. 

This week has sort of been a blur. This week we had gone up to Zap. (a city about 5 hours from Kreevoy Rog) for zone conference. Zone conference this month has been good. Lots of fun and lots of lessons learned. One of the lessons that was stressed was not letting the fear of failure get to you, and get in your way when moving forward. 
The analogy was given if there was a two by four on the flour and a hundred dollar bill at the end of it, we would have no problem walking across to get the prize (hundred bucks). If the board however, was suspended 400 feet in the air, it would not be as easy (because our focus is on the height, not the prize.)  Similar to the board and 100 dollars, if we focus on our fear, we will not be able to perform and ultimately win the prize. This applies to every principle of missionary work. Our finding, language, service, and testimonies in our message are nothing but void if our focus is how afraid we are. I really enjoyed it. 
So that was really emphasized at our zone conference. It was a good time. Learned a lot about how we can be better people in general and not be afraid to try new things and even if we fail, so what, we tried. A quote that was shared that I really liked was from Teddy Roosevelt:

We also did our usually running around and more university lectures. It was a busy and tiring week, but I’m grateful to be here and to serve the good people of Ukraine, and more importantly serve the Lord.

Love you all, have a great week. 

-Elder Johnson

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