Monday, March 20, 2017

Zone Conference, a Long Train Ride & the Lords Work

Hey Everyone! Hope you all well. This week was pretty busy with meetings, lectures, train adventures, and working but we had a great time during all of it.

The first half of this week was filled up with a zone conference. Once every transfer (6 weeks), we have a meeting with President Sullivan (current mission president) and discuss what could be done better in the zone. Elder Houghton and I presented and President Sullivan spoke on some great points and then we hopped on our train back home.

Our train ride home was quite the adventure because we had all been spread out throughout the train and found our selves in random cars every few hours due to some "logistical problems". Here is just a rough outline of how the train ride went:

Hours 1-2: Shared stories, had good laughs.

Hour 3: Got moved to about four different cars, finally settled into one
with some other missionaries.

Hours 4-6: Made good friends with our fellow train riders and took selfies. HA HA.

Hour 7: Got off the train and found a super cool bus driver named Denice and made our way home.

In short, it was a super fun.

The next two days we presented lectures at one of the economics university and a foreign language university. Later in the week we met with a lot of faculty and helped them with their programs as well.

Although our week has been super busy and packed with lots of work I am constantly reminded that this is not our work, but the Lord's work. We had called a couple news companies by some weird grape vine way and one of their stylist heard about us and came to our English class. She ended up staying for the second part of the English club (which is the first of the missionary lessons) and afterwards came to us and wanted to learn more. She is now set to be baptized this April and is progressing quickly. Maybe that's just a coincidence, but I feel that it is a miracle. This is the work of the Lord and that means it won't fail, regardless of what any of us do.

I love all of you guys and I hope you're all great!

-Elder Cody Johnson

A couple nights ago I caught a photo of the rare McCleary. A very agressive night creature.​

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