Monday, March 27, 2017

Everyone Finds Joy In Doing Service For Others

Hey Everyone! This week Elder Houghton was a little sick and whatnot, so we spent a good chunk of it inside. So not much happened except a little story from our one venture this week that is worth sharing.

Even though Elder Houghton was sick, we still needed to send a couple documents up to another city and needed to leave the apartment to do that. So he mustered up some strength and we went outside, went to an Internet club, printed everything, shipped it, and hopped back onto a little bus to get back home. It was the perfect operation. Before I go on with the story, I need to elaborate on just how sick Elder Houghton was. Imagine a dead body that coughs sometimes, he was pretty bad, but we needed to send out these documents. Anyway, we've accomplished the whole plan and we're on the bus back home. Elder Houghton is lying against the window just chilling and looking like death. I'm sitting next to him when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see this very drunk man smiling at me and he asks were I’m from. I tell him Arkansas and he falls back and blubbers "No Way! That is my favorite city!". Smelling the alcohol on his breath and not wanting to mess with anyone drunk, I smiled and slowly closed the conversation. He then noticed that my companion was not looking too good and suddenly got really upset and said on the edge of tears, "Is he okay?"

"He's okay, just a little sick, we're heading home right now"

"He's probably cold, he needs a sweater"

At this point Elder Houghton popped up a little and told the man he really appreciates the offer, but no thank you. The Drunk man wasn't having it. He stood up, starting taking off his clothes and put the sweater on Houghton's lap. Houghton gave up, said thank you, and left the sweater on his lap. Drunk man was not done.

"Put it on"

"It's okay, no need"

"You need to put it on or the cold is going to kill you"

Drunk man then stood up again and dressed my half dead companion in this really odd looking sweater. I didn't know if I should've laughed or been scared. I went for the first option.  After my comp was dressed in this sweater the drunk man said, "Keep it, I got like twelve." We walked off the bus later and he was smiling really big with his 6 or 7 teeth.  It was easily the most memorable thing this week. The sweater is still in our apartment. haha

We made some new friends!

Sadly, that was about it for the week due to some sickness.  If there's any message from this week or from this story is that everyone wants to do something nice for someone, even if it doesn't seem too visible.

I hope everything is going well with y’all. Love you all and keep doing great things!

-Elder Johnson

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