Monday, December 12, 2016

Street Milk, Jazz Hands & Miracles

Hello Everyone! These past couple of days have been full of interesting things. Celebration, street milk, dance moves, and miracles (or some rad coincidences). So I figure the best way to go about this is hit all of these things in that order.

New City and Celebration
This last P-Day, something uncommon had happened, we all (the other missionaries in Kharkov) had some free time. It's pretty normal for a preparation day to be filled with errands, writing, cleaning up the apartment, etc. etc. This time though, we all had either gotten our errands done or didn't have any to do.  So we called each other and decided to meet in the Center Branch, cook some food, and just have a missionary dinner together. It was a great time, telling stories over our closest attempt to burgers; Oreos dipped in melted chocolate bars, and street milk we had bought. (It’s okay, it was in a big truck, it was totally safe.) We had a total feast! It was a good evening and a good way to celebrate that a new city in our mission has opened up for us to teach in.  It was a great time and we all left ready to work. 


Miracles and Dancing
So something that I've seen in missionary work and pretty much in any work setting is that it is only as fun as you make it. If you can make your work fun while getting the job done, not only are you going to have a better time but the fun you're having will most likely rub off on those around you. This concept was solidified two days ago, when we went out to offer English classes to people on the street. Now, it's cold outside (not too bad yet, 14 degrees) and most of the people on the street are on their way back from college. With that said, they are not always too keen on talking. More often than not, the common response to our invitation is a nose down and quickened pace to get away from the weird Americans. About 20 minutes into this what would be 3 hours of "English Contacting", Elder McClurry and I decided that we needed to spice things up. So Elder McClurry and I went out onto the sidewalk and as people walked by we would do a little spin or full blown dance move, followed by and invitation in one hand, and "jazz hands in the other". Instead of the common shun, people would look up and smile. Following the smile people would typically ask the Russian equivalent of "What the crap are you doing?" Then there would be good conversation and people would agree to meet for English. One of those people was Max, a man who left one of the cities that is currently in the conflict zone. We have met with him multiple times now and he is wanting to learn more about God. Goes to show what some fun can do. haha


I'd love to continue to tell more of the stories, but sadly I don't have that much time. I'll be sure to write more soon. I wish you all the best. Stay warm, and have some fun! 


-Elder Johnson

Elder Johnson got his Christmas package from home.
Pretty sure he opened all of his presents all ready .

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