Monday, December 5, 2016

Grandmas, "Behind the Walls" & the Flu

Hey everybody! This week has been a little slow and not much had gotten done, mainly because I had gotten sick with the flu and was put under quarantine for about 4 days. I can however, fill you guys in on the stuff that happened before I was under quarantine. 

Grennie Exchange
The day has finally come, I am no longer the "youngest" missionary in our mission. About three weeks ago  we had three new missionaries come into our mission. All three of these missionaries are awesome people. I had the chance to go on an exchange with one of them this last Tuesday night. I was pretty excited until I remembered I don't speak Russian very well (yet.), but I was also excited to see where I'm at in the language. So, Elder Dienhart (the new missionary) and I started our exchange by going up through our area to meet with a less active woman named Elena. She is super nice, and treats the missionaries sort of like grandchildren. Not really the sit you down and feed you treats kind of grandma, but the kind that yells at you for not wearing a hat in the winter because she loves you. Anyway, we sat with her and were able to discuss the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and how this life is supposed to a happy one. The lesson went pretty well and she seemed happier when we left. Mission Accomplished. 

After we had visited Elena, Elder Dienhart and I went to one of our "behind the walls". So the behind the walls program in our mission is when you get into some very "local" spots of your area that would be difficult for a conventional missionary approach. You make friends, do whatever thing is going on there (I.E. English class, Karate, Chess, Music), and then invite the friends you made to come to church or to learn more. If they say no, no big deal, you just made some friends and helped people have a better understanding of the people in our church. Missionaries here typically visit the same "behind the walls" a couple times a week if it's going anywhere. In a nutshell, it is basically being an undercover missionary. haha. So we had gone to one of our behind the walls, which in this case was a language school, and helped with the English program. That was super fun. We ended up using one of the lessons from our own English class and used it on them. They loved it and had a great time. We set up some appointments with some of the students, and then headed home. That next day  our exchange ended. It was a fun time and Elder Dienhart is a pretty legit guy, I look forward to working with him more. 

Sadly, I had been stricken with the flu and was told to stay home for those next few days. On the bright side though, I got to read a lot, study more Russian, doodle a lot, and catch up on sleep. So it goes to show, there’s a little good in everything. 

Hope all is going well for you back home, or from wherever you are reading this from. I wish you all the best from Ukraine. 


Elder Johnson  

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