Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wrestling The Language & English Club

This week has been a crazy one, but I had lots of cool experiences! First snow!! It's a Halloween Miracle! I may had been a little over excited about the early snow and it probably looked weird to the Ukrainian people to see a 19 year old guy freaking out and trying to play with the less than an inch of snow. 

The Russian language and I have been wrestling all week. Some days are okay, and some are pretty bad. But I'm still having fun while learning it. A good representation of my language ability is when Elder Anderson and I were visiting a member. We had been in this woman's apartment for about twenty minutes and after the normal "get to know you" questions; she asked how long we've been here in Ukraine. My companion told her that he had been serving for about 14 months and that I have been serving for about 4 days. When she heard this she was surprised and then told me my Russian was good for being so new. The kicker is, I had no idea what she said. HA HA! So that's where I am in the language right now. шаг за шагом (step by step). 

One good way to practice our language and also invite others to church is through English Club. At English Club anyone who is interested in practicing their English and/or learning more English attend. We often invite them to stay after class for a spiritual thought and invite them to learn more about the gospel. The people we meet who want to practice their English are all pretty different and come from a lot of different areas. Seven of them are 7 Moroccans. After class we had some time to talk and get to know all of them. Some of them spoke English, Russian, French, others Arabic. We all talked about music, Ukraine, the Russian language, and about other odds and ends. Our conversation swayed into the gospel and what our goal as missionaries is (which is to make others happy and try to bring others closer to their father in heaven). We told them our purpose, and the conversation lead more into the gospel and became almost like a "second class". That night, we gave away a good amount of copies of the book of Mormon in Arabic and French. I don't have a message or a theme behind this story, I simply really enjoyed the experience and the new friends that I made. 

Have a Happy Halloween! Eat lots of candy for me. No pictures today, but I'll send more next week. 
я вас люблю!

-Elder Johnson.

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