Monday, November 14, 2016

The Language, English Class & Enduring To The End

Hey everyone!! This week has been a great one, like all the others! Ukraine is getting cooler and cooler the longer I stay here. I'm starting to understand Russian a little better every day. I am catching new words and phrases and writing them down. It's slow but steady. The language has been interesting. There are moments where I feel pretty good and then other moments of pure terror. Elder Anderson's language skills are very good and he is a great teacher. He's been helping me a lot with the language. Even though I lack vocabulary and my grammar skills are far below average, I love to talk and get to know people. I have been sharpening what little I do know through conversation, so that is pretty fun.

Speaking of language, Our English classes are going pretty well. This week we were teaching one of the classes about rhymes, poems, and songs. We wanted the class to work together and make a poem together. Elder Anderson and I started the poem with the line, "we are at the club" and then let the class take the wheel. With the class working together the poem became a story about beating up a guy and being arrested. Needless to say, I am very proud of our students and their rhyming ability.

The Poem from English class

We did have a very interesting teaching experience with a family whose name is "тихо миров”. Which translates to "family of the quiet worlds." That is your Russian class for today. Anyway, we got to sit down with them and have a good discussion about how one of the most important principles in the gospel and life overall is enduring. The light that comes from doing the right thing comes alive when we endure and continue to do those good things. The same applies in our relationships with others, our professional careers, and in our personal goals. It was a really good discussion and we were able to feel the spirit and love from that family. 

I would write a lot more if I had the time, but there is work to do. I love you all. I hope you are all coming closer to those you love and are counting your blessings as we come closer to Thanksgiving. 

до завтра

-Elder Cody lee Johnson

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  1. Hey Elder Johnson, I think this is the first I have written. For that, I apologize!:0/ I got completely caught up reading your back blogs and am determined to keep up now. It is really fun to read your experiences and all I can say is that you are as good as I thought you would be. Growth tends to happen with difficult situations, so pray for them! :0) You take care and remember you are missed and we are very proud and excited for you and for those you teach and engage. Jane Jenkins