Monday, November 28, 2016

Possible Wizard & A Thanksgiving Party

Elder Johnson & Elder Anderson chilling at their apartment.

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving with good food and family!

This week has been a good one, but it has felt pretty short. It seems time just keeps on moving faster and faster. Anyway, our Thanksgiving was pretty legit! A little over a week ago, we were sitting in the church building with the same 20-25 people for the service. I was sitting in the back next to one of our less-actives, writing down new words that I didn't recognize (needless to say I was writing a lot). My writing was interrupted by the noise of one of the back doors in the chapel opening, and a man walking quietly to the seat next to me. He had a long blue overcoat covering his worn jeans and black button up shirt. His hair was medium length, except for the top of his head, which was bald and he had a scruffy red beard coupled with scars all over his face. He honestly looked like someone from Harry Potter. So, this wizard sat next to me. He looked at me, noticed my name tag and smiled and whispered,

"Hey, my name's Carl. What's your name?"

I was thrown off guard that he spoke English and sounded like an American. Still kind of confused, I whispered back. 

"My name is Elder Johnson. Nice to meet ya." 

"Sick man, nice to meet you too. Hey, some of the other missionaries know me. I was wanting to throw a Thanksgiving party in Center. Invite all the English club folks and have all of you teach them during the party. Like undercover, ya know?" 

So that was the birth of this Thanksgiving party idea. We met with Carl a few more times and got everything set up. I don't know how, but Carl some how had gotten 6 turkeys and about 100 potatoes. I asked if it was expensive at all while we were setting up and all he said was, "Eh, I've made lots of friends".... what the crap? haha Who has friends who can supply turkeys and potatoes on a whim? The only answer to that question is "Carl".  We got the party put together and it ended up being a blast and very effective on the missionary side of things. We had been teaching and having great discussions all night. So if Carl, who has disappeared (again), every reads this. Thanks man, you truly are a wizard. 

Local of the week.
So another great thing that's been going well is the language. I'm still about as capable as a three year old in the language. Here's the thing though, some people like three year olds! With that said, I'm starting to be able to develop some great friendships and relationships. One of those people is Артём (Art-yo-m) He's a cool guy who's been interested in learning English with us, and has also been interested in the gospel as well. He's been a great friend and "guide" here in Kharkov.

Артём & Elder Johnson
Thanks guys for reading! I love you all and I wish you the best from Ukraine. Get ready for Christmas! Give something great to someone you love! 

With chocolate and borscht,

Elder Cody Johnson 

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