Monday, October 10, 2016

Awesome Prank, Service & MTC Buddy (Elder Snow)

Elder Snow & Elder Johnson
So this has been a great week and has been filled with a lot of adventures. 

We had a "Trainee Meeting". The mission has this meeting every time they have new missionaries to see how they are adjusting to missionary life. Elder Deason and I drove to the mission office and came into a full room of other missionaries.  We sat down and the meeting started up. In all due respect, but being honest, the meeting was kind of dull. Then I heard a "psssst". Ignoring it at first, thinking the "pssst" wasn't for me.  Then I hear it again. I turned around and there was Elder Snow, with a big smile on his face. Elder Snow is one of the other missionaries who I was in the MTC with who was reassigned to Ukraine, He was sent far south in Cali while he waits on his visa whereas, I was sent to Ventura (Northish). We both immediately were freaking out silently, trying to tell each other all of our stories we've had so far. After the meeting we ran up to each other and were able to share all of our crazy stories about California. Hearing all of his stories made me even more excited to work with him in Ukraine.  I left that meeting with a stupid grin on my face, and held it the rest of that night. 

Story time: As missionaries, we have the awesome opportunity to meet many different people. A lot of these people often have pretty interesting stories and careers. One young girl (16) we've met is a very talented make-up artist and already has her foot in the door for some places in Hollywood. We wanted to set up another meeting with her but she said she needed to practice her monster make-up for the "Halloween Rush". So we made a deal, she could practice on one of us while we taught her. I happily volunteered.  The monster make-up was great, and the lesson went better.  After the lesson we had to pick up the other Elders, Bronson and Hildalgo. We called and told them we were late because I had "gotten a burn on my wrist while doing some service" and that I'd probably needed to maybe go to the doctor. Needless to say, the reaction was amazing. I pretended to be unconscious when they walked in. Elder Bronson almost passed out and Elder Hildalgo was immediately trying to "treat it". 
The prank
Lately we have not had as many lessons but have been doing a lot of service, just trying to help others. As we've done a lot of this service, I've really gained an appreciation for the people I work around, and my testimony of how great service can be has grown. I have felt the spirit in church but it doesn't even compare to the spirit I feel when in the service of others. I've learned this week that if you want to be filled with the spirit, like so many people hunt for, serve others willingly. I can promise that you will feel better than you did before you started

Have a great fall! Play in some leaves for me! There isn’t much of that here in California. I love you all. 

Elder Cody Johnson

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