Thursday, September 1, 2016

Scared To Go to Russia? Eleven More Days!

So, this week has been a good one. We get our travel plans tomorrow for our mini journey to Russia. I'm so excited to be there and to be serving those people the best I can. We have an 11-day countdown until we leave, so there's also that we look forward to. Though, I’m not as great with the Russian language as I’d like to be (I figure that will be something I feel my whole time in Russia), I'm eager to practice with the native speaking Russians. Elder Parker and I recently skyped with a very happy older woman from the Baltics during our language class. It was pretty exciting to be able to understand the majority of what she said. (But that might be because of the often found merciful nature of elderly people). 

On another note, we had the great opportunity to speak to a very happy woman from Mexico whose name was MaryBell. She had been coming to the MTC often to speak with many of the volunteers going to Spanish speaking countries so that they would be able to listen to a native speaker. Anyway, while speaking with her she asked where we would be serving. When we said Russia she responded how many people within the MTC have. "Wow, are you scared? Have you seen the Saratov approach? (A film about two volunteers who had been kidnapped in Russia, based on a true story)." Though these kind of questions are frequent and I want to roll my eyes after hearing them, I can’t really blame her for asking. She is honestly concerned. We are going into a culture that doesn't get as much public eye (or praise) as other countries. But her question, "Are you scared?" Stuck with me for a minute. Am I afraid? 

The answer is no.

This is the biggest adventure I'm about to go on and I’m so excited to go. People always talk about how they want to do great things for the world, but sadly too many people sit down after they talk about how cool it would be. (When they should get up and do that great thing they were just talking about.) What kind of man would I be to just talked about how cool it would be to serve others and then not do anything about it? Let's be real, it would be really weird if I did that. If I talked up my mission this whole last year and then stayed. I am grateful to be here and to be preparing to serve. Whether it will be teaching the gospel in a chapel, splitting wood for a Babooshka, or teaching English. I am ready to serve, in whatever way I can. If any message is conveyed in this really weird rant, I'd hope that it is that we should commit to what we say and when we think to ourselves "someone should handle that" to know you are probably that someone. 

This blog post is sort of all over they place, and that's mainly because my mind is as well.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful day today. The majority of the Johnson family's B-days are in September. So happy Birthday family!!!


Elder Johnson

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