Thursday, September 8, 2016

Goodbye Russia - Hello Ukraine. An Emotional Change.

Elder Johnson & Elder Dickey
Grew up together at church and now are headed out on missions at the same time.
If you knew how small our congregations was you would realize this is pretty unusual and cool.
Elder Dickey is headed to Indonesia next week.'s the detailed story and what I know.

On the last week of my training, the president of the training center came by our classroom and told us that half of us have been reassigned to Ukraine, due to the new laws and what not. 

The church had decided since there was much less work that can be done in Russia, So they have reassigned me, and four others from our district to the "Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission". This mission takes up the east of Ukraine. A percentage of our mission is closed/no missionaries there because of the unofficial war between Ukraine and Russia. So there a few cities from what I hear are kind of rough right now. 

I'll be honest; when I first got reassigned I was pretty upset. I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. I've calmed down now and I’m pretty pumped to be going to Ukraine now. I think it's going to help my language skills a lot more since I’ll be able to teach a lot more in Russian. So that's going to be pretty rad. Since this reassignment was a surprise for everybody I am going to most likely be serving in the states for 3-6 weeks until I get my visa. Hopefully that will go quickly. I don't want to lose the Russian I know. (I’ll be studying and reading in Russian anyway though).

So it's been pretty crazy these past couple of days and my faith has been tested but that is good. People always talk about how strong their faith and belief is, but until they face something hard, their faith is just words (in my opinion). So my faith in Christ has been strengthened greatly. I love you all so much. The Lord really does comfort and give peace if we are truly humble and seek it. 
I'm grateful to have been humbled in this crazy venture.


Elder Johnson

Sent later in the day…
Hey, So I got my six-week assignment. I'll be serving in the Ventura, California mission for a small moment.  I fly out this coming Monday.

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  1. Hey Cody, I found this link to a Russian group that meets in Ventura County CA for culture and speaking the language. Maybe you can connect with them and keep your Russian progressing!
    We'll be praying your Visa comes quickly. At least you will not have to stay at the MTC until it arrives! We love you and pray for you! - Sister Dickey