Monday, September 26, 2016

A Very Cool Experience!

We found a Russian family. A church member mentioned he heard some people speaking Russian on his street so we started going door to door. We taught some people and then asked them about Russians. So we eventually got to this one heavy duty, steel door. We knocked and waited for a moment, and then the door crept open just an inch. A little older woman peeked out and asked what we wanted. Her accent was pretty thick and sounded Russian, so I took a leap of faith and asked her if she spoke Russian (in Russian). Immediately her face lit up. She swung opened the door and started to speak extremely fast in Russian. After she finished speaking, she looked at me with a huge smile on her face. I didn't catch a single thing she said. I first apologized that my Russian wasn't that good, and then I explained we were missionaries. She excitedly nodded and said she would love for us to meet and discuss more. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote her number down.

After we left Elder Deason turned towards me and asked, "What just happened?"  I looked back at him and replied, "I have no idea."
So I suppose the lesson here is that things work out in a strange way. All of the weird sorts of changes in our plans (and lives) have a reason farther down the line.

Sorry this blog is short. I’ll have some more for you guys soon. 


Elder Cody Johnson

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Short Note...

The missionaries waiting for their visas to the Ukraine.
California is cool; the weather in my area is so nice. It holds a steady 60-70 degrees most of the time here. It sort of reminds me of a more populated Harrison, AR. The people here are great, they are relatively nice, and the ones who are mean are fairly lazy, so they can be talked down easily.

President Felix is talking about being committed.
I love all of you and I promise you'll have a better letter and blog next week. 

-Elder Johnson

Before going to the mission office they went to the 
Father Serra Cross. The views were spectacular!

These missionaries come from:  Arkansas, California, Idaho, Iowa, Ohio, Utah, and Virginia.
Elder Johnson's "I am done taking pictures" face. lol

The day after they arrived they met their trainers

Elders Johnson, Deason, Haslam, Turley
Elder Deason is his trainer.