Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Short Message...

I have usually try to structure these blogs by starting with something light, then a spiritual thought of sorts, and then story time. I figure this is a good way to describe my week to the one or two people who are reading the thoughts of (Elder) Cody Johnson. I'm going to do this blog a little differently though. Due to my lack of time, I’m going to cut straight to the spiritual part. I'm going to sort of "copy and paste" in a sense. Not much has happened this week, but a quote from the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky from his book, "The Brothers Karamazov", stated the following and really made me think. Granted this is translated from the Russian language. It is not an absolute direct translation.

"There are those in their narrowness that blame the whole world. But overwhelm it with mercy, give it love, and it will curse what it has done, for there are some many germs of good in it. The soul will expand and behold how merciful God is, and how beautiful and just people are."

Now, this really had me thinking. One of the many things that I had gotten from this was that the best way to combat a cynic is to prove him/her wrong through our own actions. If he believes that the world is full of selfish people, show him that there is good in at least one person (that person being you).  We can't make people more hopeful, less selfish, or even happier. All we can do is show them that their unfortunately negative view of life can be proven incorrect if they look into our own lives.

Sorry this one is short, but I'd like to believe to you one or two who are reading this,  I have at least provoked you to think about what I've written. I love you all and have a great week as the summer season is slowly coming to an end.


Elder Johnson

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