Friday, July 22, 2016

Week one in the MTC and loving it!

The MTC sort of reminds me of preschool. I can't read the big words, I have a buddy following me around, and some of the elders have tantrums and should've been spanked more. Though I'm rendered to being a preschooler, I love this training center though. The Russian is not easy and the classes are immersion, but I'm fairly pleased and pleasantly surprised with how quickly my district and I are catching on with the language (I'm sure that the nine hours of classroom time a day help). The days feel like weeks, and the weeks have felt like days here. I find myself lying in bed at night thinking to myself, "Dang, It's already Thursday!”

My entire district (10 of us) will be going to Moscow.  There are some others on out floor in the residence who've been assigned to other parts of Russia, such as Saint Petersburg, one place I can't pronounce, and separate parts of Siberia. It's nice to be surrounded by others who are learning the same language as myself. I've really noticed a different overall feeling around the other volunteers going to Russia. They're all relatively mature, quiet when silence is needed, sharp, and the majority of them hold some very refreshing conversation when the bland small talk of "how are you?" "Where you from?" Doesn't suffice. I think I’ll be fitting in well with this group of young men and women who have dedicated the next two years of their life to service. 

I'm sure I’ll have more to talk about as the weeks go on. 

Thank you very much for the support and love from you all. 

With love,
Elder Cody Johnson.

"Let us not be creatures of circumstance, but the creators of such."-Elder Bednar at the evening devotional. (He just decided to drop on by) 

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  1. Elder Johnson so proud of you and your willingness to volunteer your time!!! We love you and miss you