Thursday, July 28, 2016

Progressing In The Language, Rocky & Rules

This week at the MTC has been a good one. The language is progressing well and everyone's personalities are starting to show. I'm able to read now in Russian, which is pretty amazing, it's just big words take a little while. It is pretty amazing how quickly we are progressing though. Don't get me wrong, its a difficult language, but there's always been progress. Regardless of how fast or slow we are going, it only matters if we're moving forward instead of backwards. Though this applies to my language study, this also heavily applies to almost all aspects of our lives (and very much so in the gospel and our personal goals). 

You know in Rocky 3 (if you haven't seen it, I'm sorry). Rocky is not having a good time with the training. He can’t swim, run, jump, rope and is overall a total potato of a man. 5 minutes later after a pep talk (and some eye of the tiger), he's doing all of those things like it's nothing. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Progress and positive change come through work, being outside our comfort zone, and most importantly time. Now that I’ve given you guys some fancy speech and insight, let me compensate with some story time. 

So there is a slight issue within the MTC that I was expecting to be a problem for me... Rules: Rules against this, rules against that. I often find myself breaking tiny rules by accident and then doing it again. Among one of these odd rules in the MTC (not in the volunteer field) is no cutting the hair for your buddies. Needless to say I had broken this rule. 

Elder Richardson and I are pretty great barbers, and Elder Snow was pretty happy to get his hair cut by the two of us. 

Did I cut Elder Snow's hair? Yes, and it looked beautiful. 

Did I role up my sleeve to flex my muscle for a picture? Yes. 

Did I not shave that morning? Okay, I did but my face just has good beard genes. 

Am I rule breaker? Pretty much. 

To anyone reading these short blogs, I hope you're enjoying the updates. These blogs will be a bit longer once I’m actually in Russia. 
Until next time, 

Elder Cody Johnson

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